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Granola Flavor Packs

Banana, Apple and Original Granola.
8oz Bag $9.00
16oz Bag $16.00

Travel Pack Box

10 3oz bags of our Banana, Apple, Original Granola or try all 3 Granola with our Assorted Packs.

Granola Family Pack

Includes One 16oz Banana, Two 8oz Apple, Four Original Snack Bags of Our Granola.

Why Raw?

Cooking foods above 115 degrees destroys many nutrients.

Cooked foods tend to reduce immunity, clog the intestines and colon, leading to ills such as cancer, fatigue and diabetes.

The raw food diet is the natural diet of all species on the entire planet, humans are the only species who cook their food, eating food in it’s natural state is simply the natural way to nourish your body.

A diet of raw and living foods improves health, boots immune power, improves mental clarity as well as digestion and slows aging.

Raw foods provides the body with hormones, oxygen, phytonutrients and enzymes.

Raw foods helps with inflammation, helps to alkaline the body and increases oxygen in the blood stream which improves energy.

Raw food tastes amazing and makes you feel great!

Eat Green, Make Green Pocast with Pat McAuley

David O’Brien and Living in Your Body

On this week’s episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with the man, the myth, the legend David O’Brien. For those that have followed the podcast for a while, you’re likely familiar with Dave. This marks his third time on the podcast (Episodes 22 and 57) and each time I learn something new. If you’re not familiar with Dave’s journey from a beer drinking meatball sub eating roofer to a health pioneer, I highly recommend you listen to those previous episodes, it is incredibly inspiring. Dave is the founder of Dave’s Raw Food and one of the foremost experts in human nutrition on the east coast.

Listen to the Podcast

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