Dave’s Raw Food is the result of blood, sweat and tears that David O’Brien has put into the company. But don’t worry none of that is in our food. In fact, there are no additives at all in any of DRF products, just the best in human nutrition.

Dave started on this journey 13 years ago when he watched the strongest man he had ever known deteriorate through cancer “treatment”. He withered away in less then a year. This person was Dave’s father and when this happened Dave thought there must be a better way to being and staying healthy.

So began his journey, across the country in rental cars, studying with the best of the best in human nutrition, learning from the best vegan culinary school in the world on how we can choose to live in the best, healthiest body possible with the right nutrition.

Dave’s Raw Food now produces a line of all 100% plant based food options that are all Raw, Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO. We produce amazing products that are all very easy for the body to digest and packed full of the nutrients the body needs to thrive. Most of the issues we face today as an obese cancer riddled country come from what we consume. At DRF we have figured that part out and want to help America get healthy once and for all.

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